Client Q&A: Chronic Knee Pain

To help others gain an in-depth understanding of how kinesiology works, we're sharing a series of questionnaires from various clients, which will contain more detailed information about their individual experience. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

How did kinesiology help you (or what was the issue that you had)?

I have had a chronic left knee problem for the past 14 years. When severe, I used a cane, and for a 53-year old woman this raises many questions…is this a permanent condition or a passing stage? I have consulted various orthopedics and physiotherapists, and tried Pilates, yoga, chiropractors, massage therapists, and an acupuncturist….

Often, soon after joining an exercise studio for classes,  I would develop a muscle pain and inflammation injury from improper use of the muscles. The muscles were unbalanced and in a rather weak condition. I came to learn my condition was exacerbated by a dormant psoas muscle. A friend recommended kinesiology…I was very surprised to learn that this muscle was related to the kidney meridian thus activation of this meridian allows for the psoas muscle to re-ignite. To make a very long story short, my muscles and body systems are re-awakening with sessions of kinesiology. 

What was the issue that was addressed?

Not only was the knee issue addressed, but other unexpected aspects of my life were as well, including the various stresses, external and self-induced issues were raised.

Were you receiving other treatments for the same issue?

I had seen a chiropractor, which helped reduce the pain, but the strengthening did not improve, even with exercise and I was easily injured. Although this is not the job of the chiropractor, i never felt steady enough to take on strengthening. 

I have been seeing an acupuncturist weekly and the combination of these two modalities (kinesiology and acpuncture) together with swimming seem to be a winning combination.

What was your condition before you had your kinesiology treatment?

A very tight left knee, needing a knee brace and a walking stick. My body was becoming off balanced to compensate for the pain. 

What changes did you experience in relation to that issue?

I was prescribed a wonderful oil for the knee which I have been using to massage the knee area regularly. The texture of the skin has improved as well as strength and range of motion in the knee.

Apart from seeing a positive change in relation to that issue, did you find your kinesiology sessions helpful in any other respect?

It has opened awareness into other aspects of my life, especially relationships and I was not aware of their impact on my body.

How many sessions did you have before you experience changes?

I felt release immediately.

Are you still receiving treatment?


Why did you choose kinesiology to help you?

It provides a way for your body to answer what best fits your body's needs.

Would you recommend kinesiology to a friend and what would you say to that friend?

I would absolutely recommend kinesiology to a friend. There are numerous factors that impact our wellness. Kinesiology allows our body to respond directly to what the body wants and allows the body to communicate what it wants or needs to release. 

- Y. T., Artisan Jewelry Curator