Client Q&A: Chronic IBS

To help others gain an in-depth understanding of how kinesiology works, we're sharing a series of questionnaires from various clients, which will contain more detailed information about their individual experience. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

What was the issue that was addressed?

Chronic IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) which I have had for almost a year.

How did kinesiology help you?

Kinesiology has reduced my stress levels from a number of close family members dying a month apart. I am definitely the kind of person who bottles up feelings and am very hard on myself.

Were you receiving other treatments for the same issue?

I have seen numerous doctors and tried numerous medications which have lessened the problem somewhat but never gotten rid of the problem. I was still taking a peppermint oil based medication at the time of the session.

What was your condition before you had your kinesiology treatment?

I had two quite bad days before my session where I had seen the IBS deteriorate again. This was not uncommon, however, you never knew what it would be like from day to day.

What changes did you experience in relation to that issue?

It has been 2 days since my session and from the very next day the IBS had improved so much I would say I was back to normal and has so far stayed that way.

Apart from seeing a positive change in relation to that issue, did you find your kinesiology sessions helpful in any other respect?

It has taken two days to kick in but today I have felt extremely motivated and clear headed and full of energy. I thought that I had lots of energy but have realised that there is a very real difference between feeling energetic and having nervous energy, which I have been living off for almost a year. If it's possible to feel full of energy and relaxed at the same time this is where I am today.   

How many sessions did you have before you experiencing changes?

Just the one!

Are you still receiving treatment?

I am not seeing any more doctors or taking any further medications, other than some zinc and magnesium supplements. The only treatment I will be getting from now on is kinesiology.  

Why did you choose kinesiology to help you?

I have tried kinesiology before to help with my asthma, which was also successful. I don't feel that taking medications that only address the symptoms of stress actually do anything, the stress itself needs dealing with and for me medication (any medication) does not achieve this.       

Would you recommend kinesiology to a friend and what would you say to that friend?

In a heartbeat, I think everybody should try it at least once.

- Sarah, Credit Controller