Kinesiology Asia offers high quality training in kinesiology. Whether you are looking to support the health and well-being of family and friends, considering a career as a professional kinesiologist, or wanting effective powerful tools to compliment your own natural therapy practice, Kinesiology Asia is the leader for kinesiology training in Asia.

“Brett Scott and his dedicated team have developed a world class multi-year kinesiology training in Hong Kong, that produces high quality kinesiology practitioners. Part of the success of the training stems from the engagement of a full-time professional educator to run the educational components of the training program, supporting each student to fully engage in 'learning,' that then deepens their knowledge base. This is linked to supervised clinical experience, generating confidence in application of the kinesiology techniques they have learned, such that many of the students go into successful clinical practice. From teaching at many kinesiology centers around the world, the students I have taught at Kinesiology Asia are at a very high standard, and thus very enjoyable to teach.” Dr. Charles T. Krebs, Founder of the LEAP Program & The NeuroAcuSync System, Author, Researcher & Innovator

There are many different modalities of kinesiology. Our courses are built around Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, one of the most current and comprehensive systems available. It is now considered a major force in modern kinesiology, with practitioners of this method all over the world.

“I completed the Certificate with Kinesiology Asia and am excited to have learned such a powerful and effective alternative therapy that can be combined with a plethora of healing modalities. All the workshops in the course were well-researched and the syllabus was presented seamlessly. Instructors Sean Bilkey and Brett Scott have a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience. They imparted information in a clear, concise and patient manner. Their support and encouragement have been invaluable. The course was quite challenging at times. You learn an incredible amount in the time span of just one year. With the support of the education team at KA and the nurturing environment they provide, I have learned so much about myself, how to better communicate with others, formed incredibly strong friendship with my classmates, and feel confident and well-equipped with my new skills in being able to help others achieve optimal health and well-being.”

We are currently offering the following kinesiology courses: Foundations of Kinesiology (HKFOU1) and Practitioner of Kinesiology (HKPRAC1).


The Foundations of Kinesiology (HKFOU1) is a new entry-level qualification for students to gain a solid introduction to kinesiology. It is accredited by Kinesiology Asia for Hong Kong. As the title suggests, it focuses on giving students a thorough foundation, including important concepts and principles behind kinesiology, as well as the practical skills necessary to conduct an effective kinesiology balance. 

This one-year training program will provide students with the confidence, knowledge and tools to start working effectively with kinesiology and provides the base for students interested in continuing studies to become professional practitioners. This course will equip you to balance energy through acupuncture meridians and the chakra system with simple bodywork; like stimulating reflexes and muscle movement. It provides skills in kinesiology health assessment and balancing.


The Practitioner of Kinesiology (HKPRAC1) is a new qualification preparing students for working professionally as a kinesiologist with advanced skills. It is an expanded and comprehensive two year course that builds on the foundations learned in Foundations of Kinesiology (HKFOU1). One of the biggest differences to the Foundation course is the addition of supervised practice hours, which should better prepare students for working professionally once they have completed their studies. It also provides students with more in-depth balancing tools and explores more specific areas. 

To learn more or request an enrollment form, please contact us at +852 2960 1006 or email us at

I truly believe that we have found an application to a new science [kinesiology] that can change people’s futures. And when you can change the future for one person, you can effectively change the world.
— Dr. Charles Krebs