Start restoring balance in your body

There are 5 major body burdens that we have regularly observed over the years in clinic. These are physical trauma, emotional trauma, thought trauma, poor nutrition and exercise, and environmental toxins. There is no number one amongst these as it varies with each individual, yet all of these add up to a total body burden, leading to low immunity, poor digestion, sickness and ultimately, disease.

Let’s have a quick look at these individually:

1) Physical Trauma
These include events such as car crashes, accidents, sporting injuries, etc. Your body then needs to use resources to fix the trauma, by creating inflammation and enzymes, proteins and various nutrients to repair the area. It will also send pain signals to your brain to make you aware of the injury, so that you will nurture it.

2) Emotional Trauma
We have all been through it and will continue to experience emotional stress and trauma in our lives. There are three ways we can deal with emotional trauma: suppress it, express it or resolve it. Emotional trauma can include loss of a loved one, loss of a job, unrequited love, not getting that promotion, failing an exam, etc. Let’s say your relationship breaks up after five years and you are devastated, you can look at the situation and think, “my life is ruined, I can’t go on” or instead you could say,  “I’m glad I found out that they do not love me any more, so I don’t spend the rest of my life with someone who does not love me. I choose to look for new direction in my life”. Which reaction do you think will result in good health and happiness?
3) Thought Trauma
This is the stuff we keep saying and thinking to ourselves, and our subconscious reacts accordingly. We can create beliefs and fears based on our thoughts. If we fail an exam or lose our job, and as a result keep saying to ourselves, “I am stupid, I’m not good enough”, our body will react to this. If we give up trying because we feel we are not good enough, then we will never find satisfaction in our lives. Whether we think uplifting thoughts or depressing thoughts, our body responds either with feel-good hormones such as dopamine or serotonin or instead with stress hormones.

4) Poor Nutrition and Exercise
Put simply, our body functions better with high levels of nutrients and low levels of toxins. Fruits and vegetables, and other whole foods that are not processed in a factory contribute to our health and wellness. Minimise toxins by eating organic wherever possible, and avoid processed foods as these are low in nutrients and high in toxins. Exercise helps our body remove toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system and is good for both the body and the brain.

5) Environmental Toxins
Toxins such as mercury, cadmium, fluoride etc, are unavoidable and put a burden on the body. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the things we put on our skin. You can minimise your exposure by eating organic, filtering your water, using air filters in your home and office, and using aluminium-free deodorants, etc. These toxins can affect your hormone system, which can then create oestrogen dominance, leading to weight gain amongst other side effects. Environmental toxins combined with poor nutrition and a lack of exercise means double the trouble!

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