To what extent do our thoughts affect us physically?

Having practiced yoga for many years, one thing that resonated with me was whenever students struggled to perform certain yoga poses, teachers would often say it's “because your mind is not flexible”. To what extent do our thoughts affect our physical bodies?
Our emotions are reflected in our physical body. Adopting a narrow perspective and being reluctant to change can very often manifest as inflexibility, tightness, or even physical pain.

Living life without flexibility can also leave us more prone to fear and anger. Any highly charged emotions you experience at a young age are stored in the body and mind and can be deeply ingrained. For some of us, having close control of our day-to-day life by setting goals and deadlines gives us a sense of security. The very fear of letting go of this control can result in stress and physical tension, inhibiting our ability to gain new perspective, creating a vicious cycle. 

In life, nothing remains the same. New cells are generated in our bodies every second, and the environment around us is constantly changing. What remains unchanged is change itself. Though goals and plans are often necessary, life can be unpredictable and may sometimes throw you off track. Learning to accept and embrace these changes can open you up to new possibilities.

I was totally fascinated initially as a client by the effectiveness of Kinesiology in helping me release the tension from old forgotten memories. That’s when I decided to learn Kinesiology to facilitate the same healing for others! Kinesiology helps you to increase your flexibility in Body/Mind by removing stress held in the body from traumatic or emotionally charged events as well as negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs.

By adapting your thinking, seeing what's controllable, and letting go of what's not, you allow your mind to relax and your body to release its tensions. Going with the flow and feeling comfortable with change, will give you more mental and physical flexibility as well as open your mind to embrace new opportunities. 

Helena Yoon, Kinesiologis